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Date: Sat 11 May 19
Time: 20:00

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The Unravelling Wilburys

THE UNRAVELLING WILBURYS     - a tribute to The Traveling Wilburys and their rock legend members –

Just when they were about to make itto the big time, this band of good ol’ boys from Nashville, Tennessee had awhole bunch of songs (allegedly) stolen by Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, GeorgeHarrison, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, under the late 80s ‘supergroup’ pseudonym “TheTraveling Wilburys”.  Things were so badafter that, the real Wilbury brothers (Walter, Sticky Willy, Thumper, Javelinand Blind Melon) resorted to dressing up as The Beatles, and spent over 20years touring as “Sgt Pepper’s Only Dart Board Band”.  After a lengthy legal battle, a HazzardCounty judge ruled the boys could git back their true identity and hit thehighway with all their old songs including: “Handle With Care”;  “The End Of The Line”;  “The Devil’s Been Busy”;  “Tweeter and The Monkey Man”, “Heading ForThe Light” and by way of compensation, solo choice cuts:  “Pretty Woman”;  “You’ve Got It”;  “Mr Blue Sky”;  “Evil Woman”; “Mr Tambourine Man”;  “Make YouFeel My Love”;   “Running Down A Dream”;  “I Won’t Back Down”; “What Is Life”;  “Here Comes The Sun”;  “Runaway” and many other great songs.

          “Captured the style andsounds perfectly and with their own added sense of humour gave the audience anevening to remember”