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Date: Fri 18 October 19
Time: 20:00

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Gary Meikle - 'The iBrow Guy'

Tickets- £15


Scottish comedy award winner and viral sensation Gary Meikle is coming to Leicester with a bang and new brows.


After racking up over 100 million views with a rant about his daughters’ eyebrows, women all over the world have ditched the classic, 'does my bum look big in this?' and replaced it with, 'do you like my eyebrows?'  During his second show, Gary will guide us through eyebrow etiquette, logic and laws, how it’s changedhis life and how he feels about being known forevermore as “the eyebrow guy”. 


Gary, as ever, will draw on his relationships with his girls but this time we'll get more of an insight into the workings of his mind, his thoughts and opinions on things he dare not verbalise until now. 


Gary isn’t one for mincing his words so expect the unexpected from this playfully dark, effervescent rising star.