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Date: Sun 14 April 19
Time: 14:00

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A Heart at Sea

A Heart at Sea is a piece of storytelling gig-theatre. Stunning visuals and beautiful live music come together to create a breath-taking spectacle. Original songs written and performed by Avi Simmons, and haunting live looped soundscapes, tell the story of a Boy who bottles up his heart and throws it into the sea. Intricate puppets are swept through transforming wooden worlds that are held within a beautifully carved chest. Puppets roam on this unique contraption to recount the story of whales, tiny boats, and beards. Join our hero as he embarks on a wild, nautical journey to recover his missing heart. This is a piece of heart-warming storytelling that will resonate with all ages

for ages 7+.

***** "A Heart at Sea is an emotional, ingeniously imaginative piece of storytelling…Young or old, this show tugs at the heartstrings" (Young Perspective, Aug 2017)

***** “The beauty of this show is indescribable…remarkable in its design and a breath-taking delight in it’s delivery” (Edinburgh Guide, Aug 2017)

****“Ingenious wooden creations and eloquent puppetry…this is a warm-hearted, joyful affirmation of life’s richeness, with plenty to delight adults and children alike.” (The List, Aug 2017) 

****“A delightfully charming and immaculately produced tale of triumph, travel and terrific adventure told through innovative puppetry and wonderful lyrical song.” (Broadway Baby, Aug 2017)

****“Simply sublime.” (The Wee Review, Aug 2017)