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It was a weird situation as I lived with my mum and when I went to college I moved out to supported accommodation. After 6 months my grandma passed away and I went to live with my granddad. We had loads of arguments and disagreements and it was affecting his mental health and mine. I tried to go back to mum’s but I had to stay on the sofa as there wasn’t space. That didn’t work so I went to another relative and eventually I spent 3 nights on a local park and I didn’t really sleep I was quite on edge. I’d started working and it was hard to balance it with this going on.

At The Y I get a lot of support from housing staff especially with mental health and budgeting. The Y Heritage project has been good as it’s been a way to socialise and I got a placement at Richard III visitor centre. We did a dragon’s den which was quite intense and it gave us the sense of responsibility. We had to think logically about why they should have the money and as it went on we embraced it and thought hard about what we wanted to see in our local area.

I wanted to do something that makes an impact on young people’s lives and my keyworker helped find a volunteering trip to Nepal to help in schools and the local community. Unfortunately I had to return because of the Coronavirus crisis but I was lucky to get a place back at The Y. I was panicking as I’ve never been abroad before and I didn’t know if I’d be able to get back to the UK before lockdown or where I would be living.

The lockdown has been really hard to start with as I was spending time in my room alone but the staff are like second family with the best intentions. The Y has put a lot in place for residents so we’re not going insane and we can meet other residents at a distance. I got some art equipment and I have been taking part in Y Skills Matter sessions since they started in September. I am focussing on getting a job and I want to do something to do with arts or culture as I have enjoyed being part of Y Heritage.

Y Skills matter is inspiring for residents as it is a great way to keep engaged and learn new skills that they can transfer in life.

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