My transitions worker, Ania has opened so many doors for me in my world of fascination. In the flat, I have been ironing, making beds, cleaning tables, washing up and drying up, cooking and travel training. I know the million dollar question is why I am doing this at nine o’ clock on a Wednesday morning when I could be sleeping instead right? Here is your answer; I need to get out of the house, my teenage instincts are kicking in and I’m raring to go into the wild world of the unknown!

What are the best bits about Flat 108?
The best bits about Flat 108 are the travel training, because we can go to lots of different places, also the best bit of Flat 108 is all the jokes and laughs we share are great! Also the ‘banter’ between us is great, I also love cleaning and talking to you about lots of different subjects when we are walking on the way to the flat as part of our travel training.

What’s so special about the flat?
The most special thing in the flat is when I made tea for a young person (whose name I can’t remember now) and he didn’t spit it out! Phew, that was a relief wasn’t it? But the special thing was that I made his day!

Why do I like Flat 108?
Because it helps me to step forward in life and know that I am not childish or stupid and you make me feel like I am amazing and I am an exciting person to work with, also I am a very entertaining young lady to work with.

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