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For nearly two years Nick has received support to develop new coping mechanisms that have reduced his gambling and he is now working on mental health needs and seeking new accommodation. We have seen a massive change from being isolated to being expressive and building a great rapport with other service users in his voluntary role.

“Before I came here for help my life was a bit of a mess, I did a lot of gambling and I nearly took my own life a few times.  I was looking after my Dad for the last three years until he died.  I’m an emotional guy and I still got things in my head about my Dad and my mate just passed away.”

Avril’s been great to me and my gambling has come right down now, before I was an addict and I wasn’t eating. Stuart was a good guy, he went to my medical because I couldn’t do it on my own, sometimes I can’t explain myself properly.  I used to work in hotels and stuff, but as time has gone on it’s got harder, I feel a bit insecure because I’ve been out of work for so long.  I like working in the kitchen and helping people out who come in here.”

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