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Leicester is fast becoming known as a City of Festivals and The Y is no stranger to hosting many events as part of this.  We are proud to have been part of many of the key festivals that celebrate the cultural richness of our city and its communities.  We also like to create and celebrate our own festivals and are always open to new events and ideas.

If you would like to get involved or talk to us about festivals, feel free to contact us.


What is it?

70 professional artists are given 24 hours to write, direct, rehearse, score, design and perform 7 world premier plays for you to enjoy. And that’s not all. The artists do it all over again the next day, creating no less than 14 plays in 48 hours!

If you like your theatre raw, fresh and exciting complete with a house band, then you can’t get fresher than 14/48!

Expect the unexpected

What are the plays about? We can’t say because the theme and the scripts are only written the night before. We can tell you that you’ll be watching world premier theatre stripped back to its raw potential making it the most fun, challenging, and invigorating experience for both the artists and audiences.

See for yourself; watch the 14/48 Leicester trailer now!


‘’A most enjoyable couple of evenings, with some impressive writing, directing and acting.  The cabaret format worked well and having the live band added something to the evening.  Well done!”

– Audience member


Originating from Seattle, USA, the 14/48 Projects began in 1997, the festival continues to go strong with a growing fan base of artists and audience.

In 2005, The Y’s Programmer/Producer was invited to take part in the festival. After having an energising and inspiring experience, she was determined to bring 14/48 to the arts community and audiences of Leicester. In 2013, The Y launched 14/48 for the first time in the city and has captivated audiences ever since!

The personal and supportive relationship with the festival founders in Seattle continues to this day with many of the veterans from each country, travelling back and forth to take part in each other’s festivals.

14/48 UK

14/48 UK are the caretakers of the festival on this side of the pond. Partnering with The Y, Leicester is the hub of 14/48 UK, with additional festivals taking place in Wolverhampton and London.

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The Spark Festival is the largest children’s arts festival in England & Wales, taking place every May & June in Leicester. The festival presents the very best theatre, dance, music, visual arts and digital media events for young people aged 0 – 13 years.
We work with Spark Arts Festival to bring you outstanding children’s shows and events.

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Everybody’s Reading is a festival of all things reading, taking place across Leicester city in schools, libraries and venues, ranging from bars, cafes, pubs, and coffee shops.

Everybody’s Reading is dedicated to encouraging every person in Leicester to hear spoken word artists, poets, authors and community writers in their local community venues and offers funding to help make this happen.