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At The Y we are constantly looking for ways to work with and develop local creative talent. Our programme offers a range of exciting events, demonstrating our standing as Leicester’s oldest theatre, supporting its newest work.


A weekend of 14 world premier plays, written, directed, rehearsed and performed in 48 hours! 14/48 Leicester takes place twice a year, providing a creative playground for over 70 professional artists per festival.

14/48 is a great networking opportunity; bringing together artists from across Leicestershire and the Midlands, and is dedicated to creating a supportive environment for artistic collaboration, while forging new connections between artists and artistic disciplines.

How does it work?

7 writers, 7 directors, 25 actors, designers and musicians are invited to take part.

Thursday night

A theme is randomly chosen for 7 writers to each write a brand new 10-minute play by 8am Friday morning.

Friday morning

7 directors gather and each randomly draw one play. Next the directors blindly choose actors and actresses’ names from a hat to cast the show.

The day

The band provides the music and sound, designers create props, set and costumes for each show, as the directors and their cast rehearse all day.

Friday evening

7 plays have their World Premiere at 8pm and Final Performance at 10.30pm. The 8pm audience provides the theme for Saturday’s show and the 7 writers go home to write 7 brand new plays.


We do it all over again. Producing a total of 14 plays in 48 hours!

What makes 14/48 different?

Originating from Seattle, USA, the 14/48 Projects began in 1997 and continues to grow with a strong fan base of artists and audience.

To find out more about the 14/48 Projects, click here.

14/48 UK are the caretakers of the festival on this side of the pond. Partnering with The Y, Leicester is the hub of 14/48 UK, with festivals also taking place in Wolverhampton and London.

The World’s Quickest Theatre Festival is a ‘live brief’ networking opportunity, a new writing festival, theatre stripped back to its raw potential, and it is the most fun, challenging, and invigorating experience for both the artists and audiences that make it possible.

Total number of plays created so far


Number of 14/48 artists taken part


See for yourself; watch the 14/48 Leicester trailer now…

“Well I definitely am still basking in the awesome glow of 1448, as a virgin I was absolutely knocked for six with the sheer talent of everyone and what they created, and one of the best things about the whole weekend was the people made it the most brilliantly rock n roll experience. It was a completely liberating and terrifying experience at the same time, I don’t think the word ‘team’ was ever more apt, everyone just pulled together amazingly.”

– 14/48 Actor

How do I get involved?

If you are a professional artist looking to take part in the festival, please get in touch with Naomh, Theatre Programming and Marketing Officer.

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Emergency! is an eclectic showcase of new work, presenting theatre, dance, performance poetry, short film and comedy. This is a great networking opportunity for regional artists to perform, network and get feedback.

If you would like the chance to perform at future events, please get in touch with Naomh, Theatre Programming and Marketing Officer.