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Make 14 plays in 48 hours

Sound impossible?  Well it isn’t, and we have a tonne of fun while we’re at it.  14/48 is a creative playground for professional artists looking to make theatre, challenge themselves, and forge new connections across disciplines.  The festival that originated in Seattle takes place three times a year across the midlands, bringing together 70 artists every time, and to keep the ideas fresh a minimum of 25% of the artists must be new.

"The most brilliantly rock n roll experience. It was a completely liberating and terrifying experience at the same time, I don't think the word 'team' was ever more apt." - 14/48 Actor
So how does it work?

We get together on the Thursday night and draw a theme for that night’s plays.  The writers draw their assignments at random, telling them how many actors to write for and where in the line-up their play will be.  They then go away and write a ten minute play overnight, submitting by 8am.

On Friday at 9am the directors draw their play at random, at 10am they draw their cast at random.  The band rehearse music and sound effects, the designers create set, costume and props, and the tech team work on lighting and projection.  Each play gets twenty minutes to tech then we do performances at 8pm and 10.30pm.

At the end of the 8pm show we pick a second theme and we do the whole thing all over again!

A yellow hand-drawn rosette with an open book in the middle
A hand-drawn yellow rosette with three hands inside reaching inwards
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Who’s involved?
  • 7 writers
  • 7 directors
  • 25 actors
  • a bunch of designers
  • a gaggle of musicians
  • a plethora of tech wizards

Watch this video for a sneak peak!

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