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The Chance 2 Change (C2C) project is for young people aged 16-25 who are at risk or have already become involved in serious violent crime.

Street-based C2C mentors offer individualised support which aims to reduce risk factors and strengthen protective factors. They will help young people identify and understand the consequences and realities of criminal involvement and offer opportunities that encourage young people to change their behaviors and turn away from street-based violence.

We are working with local partners and communities to build trusted relationships with at risk young people and meet them in a space where they feel safe. The project was launched in Spring 2022 as part of a wider strategy to tackle street-based violence in the city and county.

Our Approach

  • Strength-based: Our team will help young people to recognise, harness and build upon their strengths and those within their family and communities.
  • Trauma-informed: Our team understands and seeks to reduce the impact of childhood trauma on young people, supporting them to access therapeutic support where necessary.
  • Young person centred: The Y will embed young people’s involvement into all aspects of this project and be responsive to individual needs.
    Proactive and consistent engagement: Our team will build trust and rapport with each young person and respond quickly to any signs of disengagement.
  • Collaborative: A Whole System Approach will be taken to ensure that all key partners are working collectively to build positive relationships and ensure young people have the right environment and access to services they need to succeed.
  • Targeted: The Y will set clear objectives for the C2C project to ensure that we reach those with the highest levels of need. We will monitor and respond to any difference in outcomes across key demographics such as gender and ethnicity.

Work with Us

We’re looking for Street Based Youth Workers to engage young people actively involved or on the margins of serious violent crime. You will have either formal qualifications or lived experience of working with young people 16-25 to deliver a wrap-around service of support and positive engagement to change behaviour. Find Out More!


To be eligible young people must be aged 16 – 25, willing to engage, and based in East Leicester, West Leicester or Charnwood. Young people can self-refer or be referred through an agency, family or community contact and we will then assess whether this project is right for them. Please contact us on c2c@leicesterymca.co.uk