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Regional Complex Needs Project

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund, our regional complex needs project aims to ensure young people who have complex needs receive equal access and services across a number of YMCA’s within the central region.

The Y’s work with complex and marginalised young people goes back to 2007 when we commissioned a report on: The housing-related support needs of young people with very complex needs in Leicester, and the role of the YMCA. This report has underpinned our work with complex young people ever since.

This project will help six YMCAs across the midlands region to better support young people with complex needs whilst also ensuring that a change of organisational culture towards these young people takes place.

This is the first regional project that has been developed within the central region of YMCAs specifically to work with this client group and will enable each YMCA to fully implement our regional Health & Wellbeing Strategy.

The role of The Y is to coordinate the work of six new complex needs workers based in YMCA: Lincolnshire, Birmingham, Burton Upon Trent & District, Wellington & District, North Staffordshire and Sutton Coldfield

What is Complex Needs?

When a young person has two or more support needs in addition to homelessness they are at a much higher risk of self-destructive behaviours, losing their accommodation and falling into a cycle of homelessness.

Examples of complex support needs might include:

  • Mental health issues
  • Substance misuse
  • Offending behaviour
  • Learning disabilities
  • Domestic abuse
  • Childhood poverty
  • Looked after child
  • Sexual exploitation
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