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Funding for heritage organisations

Thank you for taking an interest in the Y Heritage Project, by reading through this it is likely you are considering making application for funding. All the information to support your application should be found here and in the application form, however please feel free to contact the Y Heritage Team for further information or an informal discussion on 0116 204 6211 and

About The Y Heritage Project

In 2018 we were successful with our HLF application and The Y Heritage project became a reality. The project represents an exciting opportunity to develop how the heritage sector works for and with young people as well as providing life changing opportunities for young people who are often excluded from employment, training and education.

The project is designed to ‘kick the dust’ from how…
• we commission heritage projects;
• we design and develop heritage projects;
• how we understand and present heritage to new, younger audiences; and in so doing;
• we develop training and development opportunities within the heritage sector for young people

We will remain open to new ideas and be flexible in our approach, understanding that how we propose to work is new and experimental. We will always be learning, however we will stick to certain core principles in how we deliver this project. This project will always look to:

• Improve the Heritage Sector’s capacity to effectively work with disengaged and sometimes vulnerable young people
• Embed practice so that Y Heritage projects don’t become isolated examples but alters how an organisation thinks, plans and delivers its work, challenging perceptions of young people as potential audiences and curators
• Be empowering and innovative, so that all Y Heritage’s commissioning, training, planning and project delivery is co-created by young people and the heritage sector
• Redefine and reinvigorate how Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland’s many and rich heritage assets are perceived and presented to wider, younger audiences, for example using our existing vibrant venues and festivals
• Seek fresh ways of widening the diversity of the audiences which engage with our heritage.

The Application Process

• Register your interest and complete an application form
• If you wish to, please contact our project team for an informal chat – the Project Manager, Juliet Martin, or the Heritage Engagement Officer, Amy Christer, will be happy to answer any questions.
• Y Heritage will work to two commissioning and training cycles a year over a three-year period; one which takes place between September and December; and another which takes places between February and May.
• The deadline for the first commissioning round is October 19th 2018. The deadline for the second commissioning round is February 28th 2019.
• You can submit the application form throughout the year and in these applications you can make it clear when you’d like the project to take place between now and the conclusion of the Y Heritage programme in summer 2021.
• If you are shortlisted you will be expected to attend a training and development programme which will take place on the run up to the final pitch. Attendance of this training is required in order to be eligible for funding.
• At the conclusion of this period, you will be asked to pitch your idea to a panel of young people who you will have worked alongside during the training and development programme.
• Decisions will then be made by the young people as to what projects receive funding and for what amount.
• If successful your project will agree to a timetable and budget and this will include a work placement role(s) for the young people you have worked with and pitched to.

Potentially YHeritage funds could be used as partnership funding however not with any other HLF funds. This needs to be assessed on a case by case basis and your project will need to be judged according to how it fits in with the Kick the Dust aims and whether partnership funding adds value. We need to ensure that if the funds are used as partnership funding we are not diluting the HLF Kick the Dust’s overall aims and the project remains a distinct and specific Kick the Dust/YHeritage project. You cannot apply for any match funding.

Considerations for applicants

We want to see a greater number and diversity of young people involved in heritage.

Young people will need to be involved in the planning and managing of projects. Therefore your project will need to build on the needs and interests of young people.

Applications can be up to £30,000 however only a small number of applications at the top of this range will be considered. It is anticipated that most applications will be in the region of £10,000 – £20,000. We anticipate that competition for funding will be extremely high we may therefore defer projects.

Some questions to consider before completing an application would be:-
• Which group of young people are you targeting, how will you reach this group and how do you know they want to be involved in your project. Have you already undertaken consultation to ensure that your activities are relevant and welcomed?
• What will be the benefits to young people involved – i.e. social action, employment, training involvement in youth forums and governance etc.
• Will you need to involve different groups of young people at different times and in different levels of involvement?
• How will this project help your organisation work with and for young people after it is finished?

Interested in applying for funding?

Please use the form to register your interest and you will then be able to access the application form. If you have any queries or issues, please contact either Juliet Martin, Heritage Project Manager or Amy Christer, Heritage Support Co-ordinator.