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You are doing something amazing

We cannot thank you enough for your interest in fundraising for The Y and we are here to help you on whatever your fundraising journey is. Our vision is for every young person to have a safe place to call home and the support they need to create lasting change in their lives. We currently house 102 young people every night, providing a safe place to call home as a first step in making those positive transitions and working towards their aspirations.

You can read more about the work we do, our mission and aims in the About Us section.

Getting started

There are lots of  ways to raise your sponsorship money. You don’t have to ask people directly for cash, you could give up your daily coffee or hold a dress down day at work. If you like a challenge, you can take park in a structured event and raise money for The Y. You can even organise and hold your own event. We have lots of ideas for that here.

Our On-line donation platforms:

There are huge benefits to having a personal fundraising page on one of the following platforms. Potential sponsors can easily and securely donate to your cause online without the need to get cash to you personally, and you will be able to reach a wider audience very easily via social media, email and message services.

We recommend JustGiving because they collect gift aid and pay directly to the charity. If you wish to use other platforms , please do contact us to discuss as there may be additional charges consider.

Tips for a good page:

  • Always set your fundraising target – people like to see your progress towards your goal
  • Personalise your page – add a photo and a few lines to tell people about your challenge
  • Tell people about the cause – share with your contacts on social, email and messaging

Printed materials

We have sponsor forms, flyers, newsletters and other useful literature available to you. We can send you a fundraising pack by email or post. Please contact our fundraising team with your specific requirements.

Share with the world

You are doing something remarkable that will make such a difference to the lives of young people needing support and accommodation – make sure you tell EVERYONE! Use social media to share your sponsorship page. Hand out forms and flyers to colleagues, friends and family, even your local pub, newspaper or radio station!

fundraise for the y and
make our mission yours