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After providing for your loved ones, could you leave a gift in your will to provide for young people who have nobody to care for them? In an uncertain world you’ll be ensuring there is always a safe and welcoming place for homeless young people in Leicester, long into the future.

Your will ensures that you get to decide what happens to your property, possessions and money, even who takes care of your dependents. It’s one of the most important things we’ll do in our lives, but we don’t always know where to start!

Write your will for FREE today!

So that you can get this valuable support when the time is right for you, we’ve launched a new free will service in partnership with Guardian Angel. There are three simple ways to create a basic will, which are all checked by experts. They’re also on hand to help with more complex requests or any questions you may have. Many of our supporters have chosen to leave a gift in their will, however there is no obligation, your will is free either way!



It’s quick and simple and checked by experts. Apply Now


Over the phone

Call 0800 773 4014, quoting our code THE-Y-FREE to find out more.



Call 0800 773 4014, quoting THE-Y-FREE  to book a face to face appointment.


We’re proud members of Remember a Charity. Visit their website for a wealth of information and FAQs on different aspects of writing a will and leaving a gift to charity.


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“Without The Y, I would have found myself on the street, I was working before and then all of a sudden I lost everything.” Klaudia’s story

I spent a night sitting on the pavement, I couldn’t sleep, you never know what could happen. It was just a horrible experience that made me open my eyes. I was only 19 and I still didn’t get it in my head that I was actually homeless. I lived at The Y for nine months. The best thing was that I got the support when I was down, the staff are really good to you. Too many homeless people put themselves at risk, they shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. Read the full story

“I know the money will be used to good purpose”
Read Janet’s story

“I had been supporting The Y for about three years when the time came to update my will. I remembered listening to a talk about leaving a gift to the charity and thought why not?
I really believe in the work that they do with homeless young people and also it excites me that the charity is constantly changing, like the recent children’s home launch and the complex needs work. I think that legacy money can be more fluid and open opportunities that other funding can’t.

I know the money will be used to good purpose as I’ve seen what has been achieved already.
When I came to Leicester I wanted to be part of the city. It was theatre that attracted me originally. I went to see a friend in a choir and I have seen many shows since, I feel very comfortable there it’s like a safe space. Now I’m a trustee for The Y I don’t want to just sit around a table, being a trustee is more than that, it’s about leading by example; selling raffle tickets, coming to events and now leaving a legacy. I do like it when I meet young people. One resident said to me he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for The Y, so that was really powerful. He’s now gone to university.”

Contact Us

We’re happy to discuss your wishes such as gift recognition, how your support will benefit young people or answer general queries. However, we’re not able to advise you on the content of your will.

We understand your will is personal and you do not need to disclose your choices with us. Guardian Angel will not share your details with The Y unless you opt in.  However we would love to be able to thank you properly and we will treat all information you choose to share with respect.

    every young person deserves
    a safe place to call home