Give a gift in your will and
make a lasting difference!

There are several ways you can leave a gift in your will to The Y Charity (Leicester YMCA). Leaving a legacy in your will is absolutely down to your individual preferences and circumstances. Many people are now choosing to bequeath to charities to leave a lasting gift. Your gift WILL make a difference to a young person facing homelessness.

Gift a sum of money

You may wish to leave us a gift of a fixed amount of money known as a pecuniary bequest. This can also be indexed linked if you are concerned about the effects of inflation.

Gift a share of your assets

Leaving a percentage of what is left of your estate or assets is known as a ‘residuary bequest’. Inflation will not erode the value of residuary gifts over time.

Gift an item of value

Gifting a particular item is known as a “specific bequest”. An item of value can be sold and proceeds used to support our work while your item would find a loving home.

Talk to us about leaving a legacy

Solicitors or other professional advisors can help you with leaving a legacy but we are also happy to discuss your thoughts or wishes and point you in the right direction.

Your legacy makes a difference and will help us to end youth homelessness in Leicester & Leicestershire.

Our Legacy Society

Thanks to the legacy of Michael John Henry and his family, in August 2004 the Michael John Henry House opened as the first move on accommodation for residents. He tragically passed away in 2001 due to medical conditions, leaving funds to improve the lives of homeless people. Subsequent move-on properties include; Michael John Linnett House, Marc Wainwright House and Iris Watson House, opened between 2010 and 2016.

Bequeathing a gift to The Y really does change the lives of young people facing homelessness.

every young person deserves
a safe place to call home