It all started with my dad, we had a toxic relationship. He was quite abusive, and one night, that landed me in a situation where […]


The best thing is that I got the support when I was down, the staff are really good to you, they were really helpful, they […]


“My keyworker has seen me grow in the last 7 months. He would do anything to help a resident get the confidence they need.”


“Before I came here for help my life was a bit of a mess, I did a lot of gambling and I nearly took my own life a few times.”


“It’s a hard life when you’re on the streets, you look at things differently.”


“My transitions worker has opened so many doors for me.”


“Since I’ve come to The Y they’ve helped me get into college, so I have the chance of getting my dream job as a nursery nurse. I love college and its building my confidence.”


“I was so nervous when I came here, I couldn’t speak; I was so shy. Here I’m getting taught step by step and it helps you build your confidence up and learn a lot of new skills.”


“I’m clean off drugs. I feel so much better that I don’t even know how to put it into words. I feel more positive about myself and my life and I can see a positive future.”