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We would love to be able to accommodate volunteers, but due to the situation surrounding COVID-19, we are unable to welcome any volunteers at this time. If you would like to support us, one-off donations are a great way to help our young people during this period of uncertainty.

Volunteers are absolutely vital to the services we deliver and compliment the work we do. We need your skills and your time, but most importantly your commitment and your enthusiasm for helping others.

There are many rewards to volunteering from gaining new skills and meeting new people to seeing the real impact of your contribution. We do not advertise specific volunteer roles, but examples of areas where we need help are listed here.

Current opportunities

Get in Touch!

There are currently no events announced, but we are always interested in volunteers to support future projects. If you would like to showcase your skills behind the scenes or on stage at fundraising events, we would love to hear from you!

Please get in contact with the fundraising team at, fundraising@leicesterymca.co.uk and let us know. 


The Y Support Project

Our homeless drop-in centre relies on volunteers to help serve breakfast to homeless adults and other duties within the day centre, Monday – Friday 8am – 1pm.



There are many different opportunities in fundraising and we need volunteers to help us grow!  You could consider organising your own event or promoting and supporting one of our events.  We also need people to deliver collecting tins, sell raffle tickets or promote our cause in their workplace.

Student placement

Student Placements

We offer placements via DMU graduate champions and we will also consider other work experience opportunities where your degree fits with our work, such as Youth and Community or Media.

Get Involved in Theatre

There are several opportunities to give your time and get creative within our 14/48 Theatre festival and our Introducing Programme.


Ways you can volunteer:

Support our work using your skills in…

  • Marketing
  • Youth Mentoring
  • Events Management
  • Administration
  • Fundraising & Event Support
  • Hold a talk
  • Promoting & Advocating for The Y
  • Giving out collections tins


We welcome you and your ideas, so please get in touch.

Enquire about volunteering

Volunteering as a sensible aunt!

“I act as a sensible aunt, helping young people with little things like signing up to a doctor or buying their cleaning products from Wilkos.  Last week a girl needed help putting together flat packed drawers in her new home after moving out of The Y.  They are all terribly friendly and kind to me.

Most young people that I meet have come out of care or custody and The Y is their leaping off point, when they have a chance to take control of their own lives.

What I enjoy about The Y is that young people are treated with respect and warmth by the staff.  They are helped with all the basic details of daily living that most of us get from our families and I see how this slowly builds their confidence.”

Pat is a retired Social Services Manager who has been volunteering with young people at The Y for three years.